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5 Tools and Apps To Help Your Website Convert

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August 20, 2020

You've been spending hours and hours pouring over Google trying to figure out how to make your website actually convert.  These 5 Tools and Apps To Help Your Website Convert You're not asking for much, just enough clients to help you leave your full-time job that is sucking your soul - and be able to do that thing that you love so dang much.

That's not too much to ask right!?!

No, girl - it ain't too much to ask.  You deserve to have all the tools and resources you could ever dream of to help you convert your website traffic into dreamy clients knock-knock-knocking on your door to work with you!

Don't worry, I've got your back babe.  Let's dive into the 5 Tools and Apps To Help Your Website Convert - what are you waiting for?

5 Tools and Apps to Help Your Site Convert


Chatra is an amazing tool that gives you a quick and easy way to enable a little chat box right on your website. You can set office hours so your potential clients can message you on the spot while you're actually online, and if you're not available - they can leave you a message that will forward to you just like an email!  It is suuuper handy, and a great way to build trust with your visitors when they know they can chat directly with you!

This is also extremely helpful during a launch phase so potential buyers can ask you questions and get real-time feedback!  Having the option for your potential clients to reach about and chat with you about joining your program or purchasing your offer is going to help you convert through the roof!

I use Chatra, and yes it really is me - send me a message! ☺️

Chatra messaging tool for client conversion


If you've been around here for any amount of time you are well aware of my undying love for Heatmapping.  It is a super cheap and user-friendly way of tracking your conversion.

It gives you a visual representation of exactly where your traffic is going on your website.  This is going to help you get clear on what your audience wants, and how to best serve them.

I install this on every client site I build so they track their traffic.

Bonus?  Even the most technologically challenged humans can work this free bookmark extension.

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 6.36.45 PM


This little guy packs a punch!  I love this little app provider - especially their countdown timer!  It allows you to create a real sense of urgency without breaking the bank.

There are also several other apps included within POWr like a form builder and a Paypal button!  It's super user friendly and allows you to copy and paste little snippets of code into your website - easy peasy.

Cookie Consent Bar

Get GDPR compliant in a quick, free, and on-brand way - you can even pop a little emoji in there for extra cuteness!

I designed and installed my consent bar with just a small snippet of code pasted into my website!  It's an on-brand, super small, and unobtrusive way to make sure your website traffic knows that you use cookies.  (If you use a Facebook Pixel - you need this).

Click here to get your very own!

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 6.48.17 PM

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a powerful and SUPER easy to use plugin that helps you increase your blog posts’ chance of showing up in search engines.  If you’re gonna write blog posts, you might as well make sure Google can find them, right?

Yoast SEO to the rescue!

Yoast SEO has both free and upgraded options. The free version works for most users’ needs!


I hope that these tools help you on your way to website conversion bliss - without spending countless hours Googling your life away!

Any tools you wanna share with me?  Drop them below and let me know! 👇🏽

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