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I had the amazing privilege of creating a brand for an Asheville Wedding Venue with a ShowIt Website Design for a flower farm turned intimate event venue in the mountains of Western North Carolina!  This stunning venue is next to the Blue Ridge Parkway just 20 miles north of Asheville NC.  Lemona contacted me after […]

Homepage from Barn 697's custom ShowIt Website

Hey there, FAM! Welcome back to another exciting episode of The Dream It, Design It podcast. I’m Alyssa, your host, and today we’re diving into a topic that many of you have been asking for: mastering sales skills. We all want to be successful entrepreneurs without coming across as pushy or annoying. So, let’s explore […]

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In today’s competitive market, logo design for business is essential to have a strong visual identity. A logo is the most basic and essential part of that identity. It’s the first thing that customers see and can significantly impact their perception of the brand. A well-designed logo can help a business stand out from the […]

A close-up of a well-designed logo with simple yet memorable typography, complemented by relevant graphic elements and a color scheme that accurately represents the brand's values and message.

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