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September 21, 2018

HoneyBook for Photographers // Alyssa Brooke Photography #honeybook #discount #photographers

I have wondered how everyone keeps up with inquiries, clients, invoices, and the general day to day of running a creative business.  As someone in the hospitality business, I was well aware of the many running parts of a business.  Not only the initial client interaction but what to do during and after their experience.  I wanted to make sure that every client of mine had a seamless, worry-free, and elevated experience that would set me apart from the HUNDREDS of photographers in my area.

Almost everyone points out the fact that our market is supersaturated, and how people struggle to make ends meet doing what they love.  For me, I never wanted that to be the case.  I wanted my clients to seek me out because they wanted to work with me, and were less worried about my pricing.  I realized a huge part of that is how I make them feel during their time with me.

That is where HoneyBook comes in.  HoneyBook has helped me create an elevated client experience while keeping me so organized, and allowing me to set up automation so I can get back behind the lens and out of my inbox.  I have created this video on how I am using HoneyBook to set myself apart in a sea of other photographers.  I hope you enjoy!

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Feel free to leave a comment with any questions, or ways you are using HoneyBook that I didn’t touch on in this video.  And as an added bonus, I have a 50% off affiliate link for anyone who wants to sign up!  Click HERE to sign up.  Lots of love, and happy creating!

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