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How to Create a Website for Your Business

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October 29, 2021

Today, I’m diving into my foolproof strategy to help you learn how to create a website for your business, no matter what niche you’re in! 

This is the exciting phase of your business, where you can customize your own website to look just like the beautiful sites you see online. But, it’s important to note, that behind every beautiful website, there is always so much effort that happens behind the scenes by a website designer. This is the work that few share, but, today, I’m ready to share the five components that every great website needs.

How To Create a Website For Your Business

Why do you need to create a website for your business?

But, first, before going through my five key components to an optimized business website, let’s explore why you need to create a website for your business in the first place! This is all about building brand awareness and ensuring you aren’t putting all your business eggs in one basket by relying on social media. 

A website builds brand awareness

Think of your website as the hub for your business and brand. This is where potential customers can learn more about who you are and the services that you offer. Your website should have multiple pages, all with Call to Actions that direct browsers to take the next step. This action could be to view your services, sign up for your newsletter, or to reach out for more information. 

Your website should have

  • A home page that shares who you are and who you help
  • An easy to understand service guide
  • A portfolio or testimonial section
  • A resource page (more on this in this blog)
  • An about page and a contact section

A website takes your business off only social media

Has anyone reminded you lately that you don’t own your social media? Yes, that’s right, Queen! Your IG presence that you spend so much time carefully cultivating is useless if Instagram decides to shut down your account. The best part about your website is that you own it and can direct traffic to it from multiple sources. And, if IG or Facebook crashes (not like that would ever *ahem* happen), then you know you have a place where interested people can still view your offers.

How to create an optimized website for your business

Now, let’s jump into the thick of it. This is the part I love to talk about as a brand and web designer. Here’s how to create a website for your business, by optimizing five must-have components:

  1. WordPress plugins
  2. Branding strategy
  3. Conversion strategy
  4. Call to actions
  5. Wireframing

For this section, break out your pen and notepad because we’re about to get into the juicy parts and make some serious website magic happen.

WordPress plugins

To start, every polished website holds so much more than what meets the eye. See, if you’re hosting your website on WordPress (or have a WordPress hosted blog), plugins will be your best friend. Every great website needs plugins (either free or paid) to help optimize website components such as your SEO, images, and forms to name a few.

Here are the WordPress plugins I recommend for every new website:

Yoast SEO, BeaverBuilder, Pretty Links

Branding strategy

Next, your branding strategy is where serious magic happens. Don’t be confused though. When you create a website with a branding strategy, it involves much more than picking out pretty colors. In essence, your branding represents every aspect of your business, down to your values and messaging. Because of this, your website needs to properly convey these ideas with the right branding. If you’re looking for a brand strategist, look no further because I offer branding services to help you create brand awareness and cohesiveness with everything you need to market your business. You can learn more about my offers here.

Conversion strategy

To conclude, learning how to create a website for your business would be pointless without determining how to convert your audience. You have to ask, how are you going to transform your browsers into buyers? What will be happening, unknown to your browsers, to silently guide them towards the purchase? A conversion strategy is best when it includes:

Call to actions

We’ve already covered having a strong call to action to help direct your audience into taking further action. When I create client websites, I ensure that each call to action is optimized to convert and direct the audience towards your business goals.


The layout of your business is more important than you might think. A messy layout confuses your audience, while a clean, polished wireframe directs your audience to follow a specific layout that ends with the sale.

How I help

Above all, as a brand and website designer, I am all about helping my clients uplevel their online presence and create a website that converts. Here are three ways that we can work together to bring your vision to life:


  1. Brand Design – Get the visuals that your business deserves.  Create brand awareness and cohesiveness with everything you need to market your business. Learn more here.
  2. Brand + Web Design – Take the vision for your business and turn it into reality.  My conversion-focused branding + web design process uncovers what makes you unique and helps you use that to attract clients, book your calendar, and live a life you love. Learn about it here!
  3. Website In A Day – Done DIY-ing your website and stressing about where your next lead is coming from?  Never fear, Website in a Day is here. Learn all the details here.

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